AFGE Condemns New Pay Scale: One in Two TSOs Won’t Receive a Pay Raise under New Pay Structure

TSA has changed its pay structure under the TOPS pay system, resulting in half of the workforce not receiving a pay raise. This hurts employee morale and undermines teamwork critical in ensuring the safety of the flying public.

Under the second TOPS payouts, 53% of TSA employees won’t receive a pay raise this year, compared to 24% last year. The main reason is that TSA has changed the scale to create seven levels of evaluation as opposed to four last year.

For example, Exceeded Expectations was broken into four categories with four different pay out amounts. Exceeded Expectations is now 3.50 to 3.74 with no raise and no bonus. Exceeded Expectations is also 3.75 to 3.99 with no raise and a $500 bonus. Additionally, Exceeded Expectations is 4.00 to 4.24 with no raise and a $1000 bonus. And finally, Exceeded Expectations is 4.25 to 4.49 with a 0.5 percent pay raise and a $1500 bonus.

Last year, Exceeded Expectations was 3.50 to 4.49 with the same pay raise and bonus regardless of the score in the range.

This new scale was not the same one provided to the workforce at the beginning of the performance evaluation year. The last minute change gave the employees a false understanding of how to achieve the performance level they wanted. TSA’s 2014 performance system is a true bait and switch.

TSA is also not being straightforward with the employees when it said in a Dec. 4 email to employees that “Consistent with last year, 76 percent of front line employees will either receive a pay raise or bonus” when in reality 76 percent of TSA employees received both a pay raise and a bonus last year.

“Our relationship is supposed to be built on honesty, integrity, transparency, and collaboration. None of that occurred with this TOPS payout this year,” said AFGE TSA Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas. “TSOs are dedicated when it comes to protecting the public and their property. What other employees at a federal agency, other than members of the military, put their lives on the line for others besides TSOs at our rate of pay?”

AFGE has demanded a meeting so we can express the outrage and disappointment we are hearing from our colleagues across the country. We have also asked our AFGE lawyers to evaluate our legal options for challenging TSA's actions. ---


--AFGE TSO Voice, December 2014