Las Vegas, Nevada - On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, AFGE TSA Council 100 through a vote by its delegates voted to increase the per capita by $3.00/member. Currently, there is a $1.00/member per capita tax instituted to TSA Locals all over the country. This increase places that number to $4.00/member. AFGE Local 1260 voiced its opinion at this meeting and was adamantly against it. While there are valid reasons for increasing the per capita tax, such as increased costs of operation, upcoming contract negotiations, and Council 100's willingness to take all expedited arbitration cases on behalf of Locals including fronting all costs associated with such arbitration, AFGE Local 1260 spoke passionately against it due to its belief that Local 1260 could self-sustain and front the costs of arbitration for its members. Since this motion passed, AFGE TSA Local 1260 will continue to support its Council 100.