AFGE Members' Guide to TSA Contract Negotiations

The AFGE TSA Council 100 is fighting for better pay and benefits for TSOs at airports across the country. You're invited to use "At the Table" to stay up-to-date on the latest news from the bargaining table.
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Meet Your 2015 TSA Bargaining Team

Your TSA bargaining team is at the table fighting for Title 5 rights, fair pay raises, and improvements to TSO and passenger safety. AFGE is urging TSA to explore new ways to strengthen employee morale and address chronic understaffing and unrealistic line-speed standards.

Meet the people who are working diligently to negotiate an improved collective bargaining agreement that will expand upon the advances we’ve made since the first-ever TSA contract.

Hydrick Thomas, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; Hydrick Thomas, TSA Council 100 President and AFGE Local 2222 President, John F. Kennedy International Airport, AFGE member since 2008

“AFGE has a long history in providing representation and benefits to federal employees. It’s important for TSA Officers to have AFGE here to fight for our job security, protect the rights of employees, and ensure management follows the collective bargaining agreement.”


Alan Jackimowicz; Alan Jackimowicz, TSA Council 100 Executive Vice President, AFGE Local 778, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, AFGE member since 2003

“The only way that change will occur is when the workers join together and voice their concerns as a united front. If you want true change-- join AFGE.”


Joe Shuker, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team Member; Joe Shuker, AFGE Local 333 President, Philadelphia International Airport, AFGE member since 2008

“You can’t afford not to belong to AFGE. It pays in the form of job security, better wages, and improved benefits.”

Stacy Bodtmann, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; Stacy Bodtmann, TSA Council 100 Region 1 Vice President, AFGE Local 2222, Newark International Airport, AFGE member since 2003

“Having AFGE representation ensures that the voices of TSA Officers are heard and their rights are protected. TSOs should be granted the same rights as every other agency within the Department of Homeland Security and be treated with dignity and respect.”


Mac Johnson, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; Mac Johnson, TSA Council 100 Region 2 Vice President, AFGE Local 449 President, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, AFGE member since 2008

“AFGE has provided me with the skills and knowledge to assist members, and I welcome any opportunity to pass this information on to the future leaders within the local and nationally.”


Vaughn Glenn; Vaughn Glenn, TSA Council 100 Region 3 Vice President, AFGE Local 778 President, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, AFGE member since 2005

“I joined AFGE to ensure that I was a part of the solution, not the problem. Nothing makes me happier than to hold management accountable for their actions and be the voice for TSA members.”


David Curtis, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; David Curtis, AFGE Local 1040, Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, AFGE member since 2007

“When unions are able to mobilize their members for a specific issue or cause, a lot can be accomplished together in unity.”

George M. Stebbins, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; George M. Stebbins, AFGE Local 1127, Portland International Airport, AFGE member since 1987

“I believe in unions as a positive force for a safe work site, operation, respect, and inclusion for performance and service to our nation.”


Jerome C. Coleman Sr., AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; Jerome C. Coleman Sr., TSA Council 100 Fair Practice Coordinator, AFGE Local 1240 President, Las Vegas International Airport, AFGE member since 2007

“I joined AFGE to help create a better working environment for my fellow officers. AFGE helps to ensure that management follows their own directives in a fair and equitable manner, protects TSOs’ civil rights, and protects their health, safety and wellness rights.”


Joseph Flynn, AFGE TSA Bargaining Team; Joseph Flynn, AFGE District 4 National Vice President, AFGE member since 1979

“AFGE helps TSA Officers develop a high performing, quality workforce to meet the mission of TSA and through collective bargaining bring about a high quality work environment.”


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