TSO Augusta Foster was taking his usual route to work on the 91 freeway in early September when he saw a truck upside down in the road ahead of him. As the officer, who works at John Wayne International Airport in Santa Ana, Calif., approached, he heard a woman yelling that her young son was still in the truck.


He immediately stopped his vehicle and, despite fluids leaking from the truck onto the roadway, Foster ran towards the truck to help. He saw a crushed roof, shattered glass and a toddler trapped in his car seat.


“Quote from Officer Foster… “As a father, My only thought was for the safety of the child. I knew someone needed to help and I stepped up and did what I could…”


Officer Foster crawled into the back of the truck, unstrapped the two-year-old boy from his car seat, and carried him to his mother. After ensuring the two were safe on the side of the road, he went back to the truck and retrieved the woman’s purse and the child’s diaper bag.


The mother told investigators that the truck had rolled at least eight times. She was unable to get the truck’s door open to remove her son from the vehicle. That is when she started yelling, “My son is in the truck, my son, my son, my baby, my baby."


While recovering from the traumatic incident, mom and son were seated in the vehicle of another witness. Officer Foster wasn’t done helping out - he retrieved the boy’s shoes from the wrecked truck.


According to the mother, “Officer Foster handed my son his shoes with a big smile on his face. My son looked at him and smiled back. I cannot thank Augusta enough for being so brave and caring for my son that day. I just wish I could thank him again.”