In light of the recent events that have transpired in Christchurch, New Zealand, at two (2) Mosques, where Muslims practice their religion, a deranged White nationalist terrorist shot and killed at least 50 people with many more injured.


As the Federal agency that guards against terrorism within the aviation and transportation systems in the United States, it is clear to Transportation Security Administration employees, particularly the leadership of this Local Union, that terrorism in any and all forms are despicable and despised--no matter where it occurs. 


As U.S. Federal Officers who pledged their oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and freedoms against all enemies, foreign and domestic, our members proudly denounce all acts of racism, hatred, and terror used to dissuade members of society from functioning free of fear. I stand with our members of AFGE TSA Local 1260 in refuting such acts from ever reoccurring. 


We call on lawmakers in the U.S. and around the world to visit this and other similar acts of terror and pass legislation attempting to best prevent these type of tragedies in the future.




Bobby Orozco Jr., President

AFGE Local 1260, AFL-CIO


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Cell Phone No. - (626) 252-0211