AFGE Local 1260 respects its members' political affiliations, Constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech, and personal opinions; However, AFGE Local 1260 will not and does not support the "freedom" to spew hateful rhetoric (in any form), particularly that which would incite others, that attempts to divide.

As a Labor Union representing Federal employees, it is contingent upon us to lead by example and denounce the deplorable actions (or inactions) of the current administration.

The last year and a half particularly, including recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia has taught many of us that in some ways, our country has not progressed in race relations. The emboldening of the few by a so-called "leader" of this great country, which was built by immigrants, has essentially turned-back-the-clock. Still, we refuse to be divided.

AFGE Local 1260 is a tolerant, welcoming union that invites all who would join its ranks to defend the Constitution (as our oath of office suggests), serve the public humbly and faithfully, and to fight for the Labor rights others have struggled and died defending.

As the President of AFGE Local 1260, I submit to you, our member, an assurance that this Local Union will never harbor or justify racism, bigotry, misogyny, or any type of discriminatory practice that seeks to destroy or humiliate, nor will we be silent when such despicable actions (or inactions) occur.

Thank you for your service to the United States of America.

--Bobby Orozco Jr., President, AFGE Local
1260, AFL-CIO