Dear Members,


The last couple of months into this year have been eventful, to say the least. Within the Federal government, while our structure has remained intact, there have been some significant changes regarding who is in charge of that structure. There are some hopes and some fears going forward regarding the status of the employees at our Agency, including the status of our Agency itself. I assure you that AFGE, especially those of us at Local 1260, have been working diligently with our leaders in Congress to ensure we are protected everyday as we protect the most vulnerable Americans--the traveling public.


In January, Local 1260 rolled out its first newsletter and we anticipate rolling out the second sometime this month (already in distribution). Local 1260 received positive feedback regarding our first newsletter and we envision it as the primary mode of communication among our bargaining unit--so keep an eye out in your break room and in your email. In February, some of your Local 1260 leaders were on Capitol Hill fighting (legislatively) for support from our congressional leaders and while we secured new support, rekindled old support, and attempted to make new alliances with what could be described as the opposition, we indeed believe we made progress. We will keep you updated of any changes that may or actually occur.


Also in February, I met with Region 6 Director for TSA (Jerry Agnew) and we discussed a wide range of issues, including the new TDTP program--if there are any questions about this new system, please reach out to me at any time. We are expecting many more administrative changes as new leadership evolves within the Executive Branch, and again, we will be on the front lines communicating with Congressional leaders--ensuring your fight and rights are our fight and rights--as your Union. When there are issues in the workplace or elsewhere please reach out to your Airport Vice President or myself at any time--we are here for our members.


Although admittedly, we cannot be everywhere always, we can ensure that we are there when you need us and we will postpone any meeting that management is forcing with employees, so we can attend with you. Remember, if you are called into a meeting with management for any reason, please error on the side of caution if you are uncertain as to the nature of the meeting--ask for a Union representative. Management possesses a list of all Union representatives at your airport or surrounding airports. All of the Union representatives' contact information is available on the Union communication boards, as well.


Thank you for all you do at TSA for the Department of Homeland Security and for the People of the United States of America!




Bobby Orozco Jr., M.S., President

AFGE Local Union 1260, AFL-CIO