AFGE Local 1260 is thankful for your service, dedication, and continued trust. On behalf of the traveling public, we are grateful for your commitment to seeing us safely to our destinations every single day. Since September 11th, 2001, although there have been countless attempts, we have not had any major attacks on the United States' transportation systems--because of the work you do every day. At this time, and always, we are indebted to you, for your sacrifice.

The only way we can repay you is by continuing to fight, lobby, and focus our attention on your inclusivity of pay, rights, and workplace conditions to our Congressional leaders, which we vow to do until we get you what you deserve.

Just a few thoughts on being thankful:

Being thankful is not a tradition, a yearly mantra, or a trend that has come and gone throughout time; instead, it is an attribute that has been embedded in our country since before we were a country.

Being thankful is more than just saying we are thankful, it's more than sitting around the table with family and friends, and it's certainly more than a black Friday sale after-hours, playing Let's Make a Deal with predetermined pricing at the stores of your choice.

Being thankful is about being thoughtful, sincere, and caring about others who are less fortunate than we; it's about being grateful for what we do possess, and for allowing our year-round thankfulness to culminate in sync with our neighbors.

Beneath the outer layers of today's non-stop, instant-everything, electronic-gadget, Internet-infused society, there are richly-woven fabrics of deep appreciation of where we all came from and where we are going as a people.

As a Nation, admittedly, we all have much work of which to commit or recommit. In many ways, we have allowed the media, politicians, and entertainment industry to influence us by writing them a blank check from the Bank of our Values. What we did not know about these entities is that although they all work for us, report to us, and derive their power from us; they thought they worked, reported, and derived power for and from themselves.

As stated, there is still much work for us to do, especially if we desire to provide a better future for our children. But it all starts, as it did with the founders, with thankfulness. While many of us are worse-off than some, we are better-off than most--and that alone is worthy of thankfulness.

Remember, be safe, be careful, and be aware. Also, please do not drink and drive.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!