AFGE Local Members:


The time for bargaining is upon us and I have personally submitted any and all surveys that have been filled-out, electronically or hand-written, to TSA Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas and the Bargaining Team for consideration. I will continue to allow the Local CBA survey to remain up for those who wish to implement their ideas into the process. We need to stand strong and remain in an unsatisfied state of mind, in terms of employee rights and pay for the bargaining unit employees of TSA. During this negotiating time, we need to ensure that we are supporting our brothers and sisters on the bargaining team with ideas, thoughts, and thanks. Any messages you would like to send to the AFGE Bargaining Team, please let me know and I will send it to them.


I want to ensure that all members know that the Union, Local 1260, has an open communication policy and that if we are contacted by our members we will get back to you and help you resolve your issues. So, feel free to get with us at anytime. we can be reached generally at:, or I can be reached personally at:


Finally, I will be keeping an eye on the bargaining team and update you with any additional information as it makes itself available.


Thank you in advance for listening and for all you do!