Members of AFGE Local 1260:


There has been much news regarding TSA in the last couple of months, from an Assistant Administrator from the Office of Security Operations making nearly double in annual bonuses as some employees make in annual salary to long lines at various airports around the country. With the summer time rush clearly upon us and expected record-breaking numbers of travelers, there is high scrutiny from media, critics, and management to maintain professionalism, sense of duty, and commitment to the Mission and Core Values.


While our positions constantly come up in hearings of Congress where there are perpetual threats of privatizing our jobs, lowering our staff allocation, and minimizing our importance to the aviation security community, we continue to provide excellent service to the American People. Despite this Federal agency possessing one of the lowest morale ratios among employees, TSA Officers continue to steadily perform and provide the utmost for the United States of America.


Indeed, there remains many missions unaccomplished for employee rights at TSA, some promises have been broken by current politicians and some new promises have been made by presidential candidates, yet through it all, the workforce continues to maintain consistency throughout. This is one of the most trained and tested Federal employee agencies, with a wealth of diversity, educational background, and passion for what is done day in and day out. Fourth of July is nearly upon us and the need to be vigilant is at the highest its ever been--every day we remove ourselves from the horrific happenings of "9-11" is another day closer to potential and even more serious threats to aviation security.


As the exclusive representative of TSA Officers across this Nation, AFGE will continue to fight for your rights in the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, the White House, in the media, and against bureaucratic management types within our agency. On behalf of AFGE Local 1260's Executive Board, I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July and rest of the month. Thank you for all you do and all you have been through.




Bobby Orozco Jr., President

AFGE Local 1260, AFL-CIO