I just want to keep you updated on the current Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between Transportation Security Administration and the American Federation of Government Employees. Basically, the update is that there is no update, unfortunately. Negotiations are set to end in a couple of weeks. Of course, the AFGE Bargaining team is doing all they can to ensure you receive a fair and adequate contract; anything less would be demeaning. As usual, however, there seems to be stagnation on the part of the Agency.
I find it very odd that employees often hear how important they are to this Agency, yet when it is time for the Agency to put their empty words into significant action, by bargaining a fair contract, they fail miserably. As an individual with extensive involvement with labor unions and negotiations for nearly 15 years, I have never pretended to believe management truly had employees’ best interests in mind, and this Agency exemplifies that notion to a maximum. Further, I have never seen a company deny its employees the same basic rights its management officials enjoy—except for this Agency.
Employees at this Agency deserve more than they have been given through the Administrator’s Determination and foundationally from the ATSA. I say this will all sincerity and intense passion: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! As the President of this Local and the Regional Vice President for AFGE’s Council 100 in Region 6, I will do all that is within my ability as an AFGE representative to bring the required attention to this Agency’s mismanagement, abuse of power, and advantages taken of employees for the last 14 years.
I will keep you informed of the upcoming changes with the bargaining team, as well as the Union’s recommendation, going forward. Although we have fought for what we currently possess, we will not settle for mediocrity after all we have been through together. The Union will make a decision shortly, if there is no agreement, regarding the upcoming actions we will take. I can tell you, locally, we have a plan that will soon be rolled out to the seven airports (BUR, LAX, LGB, SBA, SBP, SMX,  SNA), if we do not come to an agreement on bargaining terms.
I have determined that Agency employees have put up with far too much for far too long and the change that we seek is on the horizon if we choose to walk with the sun on our faces. And we will. Thank you for your commitment and all you do for these great United States.