Thank you to all the Veterans who have served in the United States armed forces.

We pledge our allegiance to this great country as you have pledged your allegiance with your lives and service.

The gratefulness in words that the U.S. carries for our Veterans needs to be established in deeds. We have homelessness, Mental health matters, serious concerns at the VA, joblessness, and many other issues among our Veterans, yet as a country, although sincere, we can only say, “thank you.”

Our congressional leaders must do more than display a dog and pony show every year at this time. We need a real agenda, plan, and introduction of a bill that will help Veterans address these very important issues.

While a “thank you” is appreciated by our Veterans, and warranted, it is not enough to just say “thank you” until next year.

AFGE Local 1260 believes in our Veterans and we pledge to assist in fighting for Veterans needs at the Department of Veterans Affairs and within our Congressional Districts.